There are people in the world looking for a job, and then there’s you; looking to spark a career others can only imagine.

It all starts here

About Us

We exist to ignite confidence and champion stand-out character.

This holds true for our team too. Whether you help us craft designs for a new collection, drive global expansion efforts, or create the ultimate customer and employee experience, we share the commitment to quality everywhere.

Together, we create inclusive spaces where everyone’s authentic self can shine through. Because running a world-class, category-defining business means putting people first and building teams that care. Exciting growth lies ahead and we’re looking for the boundary-pushers, the leap-takers, the brave to get us there.

  • People First

    We make room at the table for you from the start because we know your opinions matter. We hire people that care—who see kindness as a strength and delight in uplifting others.

  • Craft Matters

    Whether it’s our deep commitment to the quality of our product, the partners we choose or the way we follow through with customer care—we believe in valuing our craft to be the best in our field.

  • Bold Builds Brilliance

    Forget blending in; come reimagine what's possible. We hire the boundary-pushers, the leap-takers, the brave, because we know that being brilliant doesn’t happen without being bold.


Working Here

Your playground for self-expression.

Meaningful stories start from a core why. At Psycho Bunny, we believe in a world where everyone can be more of who they are, through the collective power of individuality. We love to move fast and do things differently. And we expect you to do the same.

Working here means collaborating with a collective of humans who will bring the best out of you in an environment that allows you to do great things without forgetting who you are. Get ready for excitement.


The people



All the things you were looking for.

Seeing you move with purpose inspires us to empower you with the tools, space, and support to do some of your best work yet.

  • Award Winning Workspaces!

    Award-winning architectural firms design our workspaces, corporate offices and stores to provide comfortable and intentionally inclusive work environments for our staff. Safe spaces to be yourself with authentic confidence.

  • A vibrant team

    Join a vibrant team that thrives on representing our brand while encouraging you to be your best self as you grow and develop professionally. Surround yourself with some of the most knowledgeable people in their respective fields.

  • The right benefits
    for you

    Eligible employees may benefit from group insurance and EAP programs providing support and access to health care, counselling and mental health resources when life events affect their overall health. We aim to provide you with benefits that aid in achieving your social, physical, emotional and financial objectives. We want you to Be More of who you are!

  • Greater flexibility

    At Psycho Bunny, we understand the need to balance your personal and professional pursuits and help you achieve them with more flexibility in your schedule. We're all unique, and the term "personal" means something different to everyone: it can include spending time with your friends and family, resting, participating in hobbies, engaging in personal, spiritual or educational development, exercising, or caregiving. It can even include your work!

  • A father with they’re two kids form a happy family
  • Employee Discount

    As brand ambassadors, our employees can take advantage of amazing discounts to wear Psycho Bunny clothing that tells the world how confident you are!